DormIQ Privacy Statement

Last updated on February 18, 2015. Effective immediately.

Due to the nature of this website, we take anonymity very seriously. Although our servers do record IP addresses, we do allow our users to access the site via proxy servers and websites.

By accessing or using the Site, or clicking on the "I agree" checkbox or button when you register to use the Site, you are accepting the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and agreeing that DIQ will have the right to use your personal and other information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, you must immediately discontinue your access to and use of the Site.

As a user, you will be assigned a unique identification number that will be attached to all of your reviews and comments. If you should violate any of the Terms of Service, we have the right to remove any or all of your posts without your consent.


This Privacy Policy covers personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information collected by DIQ when you visit or use the Site or the Services. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties, including, without limitation, entities that DIQ does not own or control, such as third party sites that may have a link to or from the Site.

DIQ is not responsible for posts that may be made not anonymously. By default, all reviews and comments are posted anonymously, unless decided by you, the user. If you decide uncheck the box, it is your responsibility to understand the possible repercussions that may occur.

Information DIQ May Collect

DIQ may collect both personally identifiable information as well as non-personally identifiable information when you visit or use the Site.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") means information that would allow a third party to identify or locate a particular person. PII includes, without limitation, your full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, birth date, and credit card number. DIQ only collects PII if that information is voluntarily provided by you. This may happen in several ways:

User Accounts

In order to access and utilize certain products or services provided by DIQ, you may be required to create a user account and to provide certain PII, such as your full name, an email address, a user name and/or a password, contact information, etc. You are under no obligation to provide this information to DIQ. However, if you decide not to share this information, you may be unable to create an account on the Site and/or you may be unable to fully utilize all or some of the Services.

Financial Transactions

DIQ may use third parties to provide credit card and other payment processing services for the Services. When you make any payment on or through the Site, you may be required to provide DIQ and/or its authorized third party agents with financial information and related payment information. DIQ and its third party agents may retain the details of transactions or payments you make on or through the Site.

Public Forums

DIQ may provide areas on the Site where you can post information about yourself and others and communicate with others or upload content such as photographs and videos. Whenever you disclose personal information on publicly-viewable web pages, that information will be publicly available and may also appear on other websites and in publicly available search results. If you post your personal contact information, you may receive unsolicited messages. DIQ encourages you to exercise discretion and caution with respect to the public posting of your personal information.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-Personally Identifiable Information ("Non-PII") means information that does not allow a third party to identify or locate a particular person, including, without limitation, information you may choose (in your sole discretion) to provide in your profile (such as your age, videos, resumes, professional affiliations, hobbies, skills, etc.). You can visit the Site to read information about the Site and the products and services offered without revealing any PII. However, during your visit to the Site, DIQ may collect anonymous Non-PII such as the activity of your browser when you are viewing the Site; your site path during your visit to the Site; demographic data; the amount of time you spend on the Site and general information regarding your Internet service provider and host. The Non-PII may be collected by DIQ in several ways:

Logging Of Your Activities On The Site

When you access the Site from a computer, mobile phone, or other device, DIQ may collect and log information from that device about your browser type, location, and IP address (the number assigned to computers on the Internet). DIQ may also collect and log anonymous "traffic data" information that does not personally identify you, but that may be helpful to DIQ for marketing purposes or for improving the services that DIQ offers to its users, such as the pages you visit, the length of your visit, your referring/exit pages, your clickstream activity and the actions you take while using or visiting the Site. No personal information about you is revealed in this process.


We do put cookies on your computer. Cookies are text files placed in your computer's browser to identify your Internet browser and to store your preferences. This will allow you to login and stay logged in as you visit (DormIQ, otherwise known as "DIQ"). Additional cookies may be added by Facebook to allow for integration with your Facebook account (if you choose to use that feature).

DIQ may also use cookies to enhance your use of the Site and the Services and to monitor your activity during your visit(s) to the Site. You can remove or block cookies by programming your Internet browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to access certain portions of the Site and certain Services.


DIQ may also use "web beacons", clear.gifs, or similar technologies, to track the activity and flow of your visit(s) to the Site. "Web beacons" and clear.gifs are small pieces of code placed on a web page to monitor the behavior of and to collect data about the visitors to that page.

Third Parties

DIQ may institute information sharing programs with third parties. For instance, DIQ may request that advertisers provide DIQ with information regarding the ad response rate for the users of the Site that were served specific ads. This helps DIQ improve the relevance of the advertisements that you are served. DIQ may also receive information about your interaction with various ads on other sites in order to measure the effectiveness of those ads and determine their relevance to you.

Information Collected by Third Parties

DIQ may use the services of third parties for various purposes, including, without limitation, to provide DIQ with data collection (such as impressions, clicks, date and time of impressions and clicks, pages viewed, amount of time spent on certain pages or engaged in certain activities, browser type and operating system, and other general click stream information), user traffic activity, reporting and ad response measurement, and to deliver advertisements and marketing messages. These third parties, or DIQ on their behalf, may use their own cookies to monitor your activity during your visit to the Site and/or use of the Site and the Services. Additionally, these third parties, or DIQ on their behalf, may place web beacons, clear.gifs or similar technologies on the Site, including, without limitation, on any and all (i) webpages and (ii) email or other electronic communications generated as part of the Site or the Services which are sent to you, as well as your replies thereto, and your actions in connection therewith, such as whether or not an email has been opened, a link has been clicked, or a page has been visited. DIQ does not control the foregoing third party monitoring technologies or the information which they may collect and DIQ has no responsibility or liability in connection with the foregoing. A third party's use of the foregoing monitoring technologies and the information collected is subject to the third party's own privacy policies and is not covered by this Privacy Policy. You can remove or block third party cookies and similar technologies by programming your Internet browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to access certain portions of the Site and certain Services.

How DIQ May Use Your Information

DIQ may use the PII and non-PII it collects under this Privacy Policy as follows:

Use Of Your PII

DIQ may allow members to search for you by using the PII that you provide to DIQ as part of your membership registration. You may also choose to publicly display PII as part of your public profile. You can control whether or not certain items in your public profile are viewable to other individuals by editing the privacy settings on your profile's Account Settings page.

DIQ may use the PII you share with DIQ to manage your account, to fulfill your requests for products, programs and services, to respond to your inquiries about DIQ's offerings, to offer you other DIQ products, programs or services that DIQ believes may be of interest to you, to enforce the legal terms that govern your use of the Site and the Services, and for the purposes for which you provided the information.

DIQ may include the non-financial PII you share with DIQ, as well as the Non-PII which you share with DIQ, in the DIQ database which is searchable by employers, recruiters and other persons authorized by DIQ, in its sole discretion. By including your non-financial PII and non-PII in the DIQ database, such information is being shared with all such third parties.

DIQ may use the PII you share with DIQ to communicate with you, to contact you about your account, to respond to your comments or requests for information, etc. If a comment or request is made by email, DIQ may respond by sending an email response back to the sender. DIQ may store the emails received by DIQ for archival purposes and also for marketing purposes if DIQ feels that this is consistent with the nature of the comment/request.

DIQ may share your PII with DIQ's affiliated entities if DIQ has a business reason to do so.

DIQ may share your PII with third parties that assist DIQ with the management, operation or administration of the Site; the analysis of the performance of the Site; and the provision of DIQ products and services (including, without limitation, the processing and serving of email and other electronic communications). However, these third parties do not have any independent right to share this information and are required to treat your PII as confidential, to maintain appropriate security measures and to not use your PII for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for DIQ.

DIQ may also provide your PII to a third party in those instances where you have been notified that the fulfillment of your request for information, services or products will require DIQ to share your PII with a third party and you have agreed that DIQ may provide your PII or access thereto to the third party. DIQ has no control over the use of your PII by any of these third parties. You should carefully review their privacy policies to make sure that you are comfortable sharing your PII with them.

DIQ uses third party payment processors for financial transactions (such as the payment of membership fees) made through the Site. When you make a payment through the Site, DIQ will require those third parties to agree to treat your PII as confidential, to maintain appropriate security measures and to not use your PII for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for DIQ.

DIQ may use your email address to send you email communications, such as notifications, information on new services offered by DIQ, special offers, promotions, the DIQ newsletter, etc. If you do not wish to receive communications, you may be able to unsubscribe from certain communications by going to your Account page.

DIQ may allow third party search engines to access information posted on the Site. You may prevent third party search engine access to your profile information by turning off the public option in your privacy settings. However, please note that while your previously public information will no longer be available to third party search engines, it may persist in search engine caches and be available to others in accordance with the applicable search engine's policies. Any changes that you make to the public option in your privacy settings will not be retroactive, i.e., information that you have previously allowed to become public will remain public even after you change your settings.

If you choose to submit content for publication on or through the Site (such as a posting to a public forum, blog or discussion board) DIQ may post/publish your screen name and other identifying personal information which you have provided to DIQ.

DIQ does not rent, share, or sell the PII you share with us to any third party for marketing purposes and only shares your PII with third parties as described in this Privacy Policy.

Use Of Your Non-PII

DIQ may measure and analyze anonymous statistical Non-PII collected on an aggregated and/or un–aggregated basis in connection with your visit(s) to the Site in order to administer the Site and the Services; improve the quality of the Services; improve the design, performance and content of the Site and the Services; and improve your experience on the Site, such as by providing more relevant content to you during your visits.

DIQ may use and/or share anonymous, aggregated and/or un-aggregated Non-PII with third parties for any and all reasonable business purposes as DIQ determines in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, advertising, promotion, business opportunities, etc. DIQ may combine (a) your Non-PII with the Non-PII of other users of the Site and (b) Non-PII DIQ collects through the Site with Non-PII DIQ may collect from other sources.

DIQ, DIQ's licensors, third party service providers and advertisers may use Non-PII to customize content, services, promotions, advertising, etc.; to offer you services, products, etc.; to manage and measure the performance of advertisements displayed on or delivered by or through the Site; to manage your account and preferences; to compile aggregate data about traffic and interaction on or through the Site so that DIQ can improve your user experience; to protect against misuse of the Site and the Services; to enforce the DIQ Terms of Use Agreement and all other legal terms that govern your use of the Site and the Services and/or for the purposes for which you provided the information.

Other Permitted Uses Of Information

Additionally, DIQ may disclose the information it collects on the Site, both PII and Non-PII (collectively "User Information"), under the following circumstances:

DIQ may disclose any or all User Information if permitted by law; if required by any legal process or valid order of a court or other governmental body; to establish or exercise any or all of DIQ's legal rights, to defend any legal claims made against DIQ and/or to enforce any or all of DIQ's legal rights that govern your use of the Site and the Services.

If DIQ sells all or a part of its business or makes a sale of all or a material part of its assets or is otherwise involved in a merger or transfer of all or a material part of its business, then as part of the applicable transaction, DIQ may transfer your User Information to the party or parties involved in the transaction. DIQ may also share and/or transfer your User Information to any or all of its affiliated entities (such as any subsidiary or parent).

DIQ may disclose any or all User Information to protect or defend the legal rights or property of DIQ or its employees, agents and contractors; to protect the safety of the general public, the users of the Site and the Services and/or the DIQ employees, agents and contractors; and to investigate, prevent or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities or fraud.

Public Areas

If you post or provide any information in any public area on the Site (such as public forums, blogs, discussion boards, etc.) or if you otherwise make any information about yourself publicly available on the Site (such as on your profile page), you should be aware that any publicly disclosed PII can be read, collected, or used by other users of the Site, and could be used to send you unsolicited messages or otherwise. DIQ is not in any way responsible for the non-disclosure or protection of any PII or other information you choose to publicly disclose on or through the Site. You are solely responsible for all of the consequences resulting from any such public disclosure.

Third Party Linked Sites

The Site may contain links to third party websites. By accessing and/or using a linked third party website, you may be disclosing your personal information to such linked website. Therefore, you should carefully review the privacy policies of these other websites. If you are not comfortable with the policies of a linked website, you should not access and/or use that website. DIQ is not responsible for the policies (privacy or otherwise) or the content, services or products offered by or through any third party website. It is solely your responsibility to review the privacy policy and other policies of third party websites to confirm that you understand and agree with their policies.


DIQ uses commercially reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial security measures for the protection of your personal information in DIQ's possession from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. However, since it is impossible to guarantee the security of (i) information storage technology or (ii) data transmission utilizing the Internet, DIQ does not guarantee that its security measures will not be circumvented or breached or that your personal information will not be accessed by, used by, modified by or disclosed to a third party. DIQ is not responsible for any such circumvention or breach by any third party. Additionally, it is solely your responsibility, and not the responsibility of DIQ, to protect the confidentiality of your password and username. Please note that email communications to and from the DIQ, as well as email and other means of communication via the Site may not be encrypted and if you communicate personal, confidential or sensitive information through such means, you do so at your own risk. Please remember that your anonymity is only as secure as your password. All rights given to the user from this document are void if any unauthorized user logs onto your account. An unauthorized user is anyone who is not the rightful owner of the registered email address, or Facebook account.

Updating Your Information

Once you have set up your account, you can at any time terminate your account or access your account to add, delete or modify any information which you have provided. You can also at any time modify your account's privacy settings to restrict how certain of your information is shared with and searchable by other users of the Site. You may also delete your account at any time by sending a request to [email protected] Please note that none of the foregoing changes will be retroactive.

Please also note that even after you terminate your account or delete or modify information from your profile, copies of the original information may remain viewable on the Site and/or elsewhere to the extent that your information was publicly posted by you or with your authorization, previously shared with others, otherwise distributed pursuant to your privacy settings, or was copied or stored by other users of the Site or the Services. Additionally, even if you have requested that your information be deleted, DIQ may retain a record of certain information (including your PII) in order to prevent identity theft or other misconduct or as necessary to comply with applicable federal, state or local laws. Removed and deleted information may persist in backup copies, but will not be available to others. If you update any of your information, DIQ may keep a copy of the information that you originally provided to us in our archives for uses documented in this policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

DIQ may from time to time amend this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in DIQ's practices and services. If DIQ makes any material changes to the way DIQ collects, uses, or shares your PII, DIQ will notify you of those changes via a posting on the Site or an electronic communication to you which notice will also indicate the effective date of the posted changes. Your continued use of the Site and the Services following the effective date of a change to this Privacy Policy signifies your acceptance of and agreement to the terms of the revised Privacy Policy. DIQ encourages you to regularly review this Privacy Policy so that you remain updated as to any changes. DIQ will indicate that changes have been made hereto by providing a "Last Updated" date at the top of this Privacy Policy following the effective date.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or to report any privacy concerns, please contact DIQ at [email protected]

DIQ reserves the right to modify this document at any time without prior notice, or add or remove terms at any time, and each such modification, addition or deletion will be effective immediately upon posting on the Site. We will notify you of any material changes via a posting on the Site. Your use of the Site or the Services following any such posted notice constitutes your agreement to be bound by and your acceptance of this Privacy Policy as so modified.

Please think before you post and always act in an ethical and respectful manner.